Congress closer to another round of virus aid

Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 7:31 PM EDT
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NORTH-CENTRAL, W.Va (WDTV) - With negotiations for the coronavirus relief package intensifying, local groups are vocalizing their concerns.

With a number of West Virginians saying they haven’t received payments in months, West Virginian groups are raising their concerns.

“That’s what I call a slush fund, it is not intended to be a political slush fund, every county needs help,” Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said.

With lawmakers at odds with the latest covid-19 relief package, so are West Virginian politicians.

Senator Manchin was referring to governor Jim Justice’s briefing saying he will be pumping money out as fast he can.

“Money started going out today. We’re pushing it just as fast and as hard as we can,” Justice said.

Delegates from West Virginia including Barbara Fleischauer are worried the senate is not addressing certain issues.

“Even with the $600 people that never have been able to rescue from the cracks,” Fleischauer said.

The current state of unemployment is felt as Delegate Sammi Brown knows all to well.

“It has created a larger income gap and income insecurity , it’s also made it so that individuals who relied on that job in order to have health care, no longer have it,” Brown said.

West Virginians can file unemployment claims.

“The unemployment check in West Virginia is $320 and what they’re saying is that they would get $520 that means $200 more, not $900 which is what they’ve been getting,” Manchin said.

But a number of West Virginians are still waiting on their checks.

West Virginians from across the state are feeling the effects of the pandemic.

“And he was living in his car and lowering the number is not going to help people like this who haven’t even gotten the cares money and every week I get more people saying I haven’t gotten anything since March,” Fleischauer said.

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