United Way: March 31

Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 3:14 PM EDT
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This Wednesday, Meteorologist Anna Hamelin was joined by Amy Schwinabart from the United Way of Monongalia and Preston counties. United Way uses a variety of partnerships to help local communities, so can you tell me more about your partnership with the Mon County Health Department?

“Sure, we have an amazing emergency food request partnership with the Mon County Health Department, and pretty much what happens is when there is an emergency food request that comes through them, they email me or text me what the request is and I put out the message to 13 participating food pantries in our county. Within minutes usually, our food pantries will respond back so they can fill the order and the Mon County Health Department goes to pick up the food order directly from the food pantries and delivers it to the doorsteps of those clients that are in need of that assistance,” said Schwinabart.

That is incredible that you’re able to act so quickly. Now, how can regular citizens help with those food pantry efforts?

“Absolutely. All of our food pantries are in much need of any kind of hygiene items, even can openers, something simple to open up the food that is being distributed, baby items, formula diapers, as well as the nonperishable food items. We do ask that you check the expiration dates just to make sure that we’re handing out the very best that we can,” said Schwinabart.

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