Tasty Tuesday: Oliverio’s

Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 6:55 PM EDT
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If its Tuesday, it has to be Tasty Tuesday, and this week 5 News had the pleasure of meeting Nic Oliverio and Nunzio Bonamico at a local favorite, Oliverio’s.

Nunzio tells us a little bit about how this all began. He said, “It started in 1965 as a hot dog, hamburger and ice cream place. And it was like that for 20 some years. What started wasn’t part of the vision of what we see right now.”

Nunzio’s cousin Nic says, “They ended up having a kitchen fire at the old business Nunzio was talking about. My uncle Pete was an architect and he designed this whole new structure and brought to life what you now see as Oliverio’s.”

Nic goes on to say, “I lived in Los Angeles for about 8 years and I got a serving job in Beverly Hills. I was serving this table and I asked where they had come from and they said West Virginia and knew of the family restaurant. It was nice to have that connection with someone and when you’re away from home you get homesick.”

“The family aspect is super important. I think everyone around here put their heart, sweat and tears into it,” said Nunzio.

Nic says the customer’s favorite are the breadsticks, and he made them so it’s no wonder that they really love them. “So our grandmas actually came up with the recipe. And they started out as rolls at first and that didn’t work so they decided to make breadsticks,” said Nic. “And we’ve been making these breadsticks since then. And we joke that there are probably 6 total people on this earth that know the recipe.”

Chief Meteorologist Kevin Corriveau has the pleasure of trying the house salad, the fire roasted chicken wrap, as well as venetian chicken and Nic’s famous breadsticks.

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