Tasty Tuesday: Bartini Prime

Published: Apr. 13, 2021 at 6:09 PM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, it’s going to be Tasty Tuesday! This week we are in Morgantown, at Bartini Prime to take a look at their seafood, sushi and steaks.

“Well Kevin I’ll be divorced and it’s not the last place I’ll tell you that. I started off when I was really young actually, when I was in law school I bought my first place.  It was a little pub in Sunnyside called Mutts and I owned that for a few years,” said Justin Byers. “Then we were down High Street, had a big place, then we went to Ocean City and I had three places there. After we had our third kid we decided we’d have to stick in one place so we decided Morgantown and came back here. I was doing some other stuff and this came available, and I asked my wife if I could buy Bartini and she said please do something to get out of the house. So here we are.”

Justin says there are many things that make his restaurant work.

He says, “Well as you can tell and the camera does add a couple pounds, I do like to eat, And I wanted to bring something with that city steak feel.  We have alacarte steaks with nice big sides, great appetizers and really great desserts.  So we put all that together and then we added sushi. So two restaurants in one. Some people come here only for the sushi right and some people come here only for the steaks. Our sushi is the best fish that you can buy. And our steaks are the same way, top 5% of cut out there. All of our steaks are sourced from Chicago. So when we say we want a ribeye that’s a particular thickness and particular cut, that’s what we get. Our ribeyes and steaks are absolutely amazing.  One thing that always surprises people here are the crabcakes right. Everyone says that you can’t have the best crabcakes here in Morgantown West Virginia.”

“... Morgantown is my home. After I left undergrad and before I went to grad school we went to New York City.  I have my underground and accounting degree from WVU and I also went to law school here.”

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