Lost and finally found: Man’s best friend reunites with owner after being stolen in vehicle

Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 6:24 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - A man’s best friend was gone in the blink of an eye after making a quick stop at the Sheetz gas station in Star City.

Bruce Ross, a former Morgantown resident said, who happened to be visiting the area from California decided to leave his car running for his dog, Icon while he went inside Sheetz to grab a cup of coffee. This was only a pit stop, as the two were headed to Cheat Lake for a swim, one of Icon’s favorite activities.

“It’s one thing I would never do and please, nobody ever do this, but I said okay, I can watch my car while I get that cup of coffee,” Ross said.

That’s when the unimaginable happened.

““I almost walked in backwards and I was watching the car. I turned around, filled the cup up, turned around again and all of sudden I see my car leaving. All in the matter of three to five seconds,” he said.

Icon is no ordinary dog either. He has been known as an iconic therapy dog that use to walk the streets of Morgantown, greeting as many new faces as he could take in and hoping to make someone’s day. This is why, for Ross, it was a heartbreaking moment.

However, just a day later, the sad story has been rewritten as the two were reunited.

Now the duo can continue their visit around the area.

“Everybody and their brother said bring Icon, you’ve got to bring Icon because he knows more people in this town than I do,” Ross said.

“He’s been to the hospitals, he’s been to events, he’s been to rest homes, he’s just a very sociable, sweet, sweet dog.”

Ross also told me that Star City Police are still on the look for his car, but he’s happy to at least have his best friend back.

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