‘Patrolman Cassie Johnson Av:’ road named after fallen Charleston Police Officer

On Wednesday, the city and Charleston Police Department honorarily named Garrison Avenue...
On Wednesday, the city and Charleston Police Department honorarily named Garrison Avenue 'Honorary Patrolman Cassie Johnson Av' after fallen Charleston Police Officer Cassie Johnson.(WSAZ)
Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 11:32 PM EDT
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - While Garrison Avenue may just be a road to some, for fallen Charleston Police Officer Cassie Johnson it was a constant path throughout her life.

On Wednesday, the Charleston Police Department, Fire Department, city officials and the Johnson family gathered to honorarily name Garrison Avenue after Officer Johnson. They unveiled the new street sign: ‘Honorary Patrolman Cassie Johnson Av’ that will be along Garrison Avenue.

“The location of this honorary street sign is so very important to the Charleston Police Department because, it was important to our fallen officer,” said Charleston Police Chief Tyke Hunt.

Hunt said Johnson grew up along Garrison Avenue and later, as an officer, requested to patrol and protect the area.

“She continuously asked through the chain of command to work the West Side, specifically this area because this is where she grew up,” said Lt. Jamey Noland, who was Johnson’s shift commander. “She was constantly in this area protecting the citizens that she grew up with, was raised by. She wanted to actively participate and make this area a better place for everyone. That was her goal.”

Hunt said the ‘Honorary’ in the new sign was important as they want to honor her for providing a service.

“I think it’s important that we say honorary and not memorial,” Hunt said. “She enjoyed coming to work every day, she understood the risk and still did her job so well, did it valuably all the way until her end of watch.”

Garrison Avenue was where her watch ended in December as she was shot while responding to a parking complaint call.

“Patrolman Cassie Johnson, she was a hero to all of us, she gave the ultimate sacrifice keeping her city and her people safe,” said Mayor Amy Goodwin. “My hope is that all who drive this road, or path, remember her great sacrifice and her love for the city.”

Members of the D-Shift, which was the shift Officer Johnson was on, came out to the dedication and Chief Hunt says they’re also the ones who came up with the idea to dedicate this road to her.

“Shortly after the incident, Sgt. McClure brought up and mentioned the idea of naming a street after Patrolman Johnson,” Noland told WSAZ. “You see highways, bridges, streets named after soldiers (and) first responders that have paid the ultimate sacrifice and this is truly a way that we can pay tribute to Cassie for years to come.”

In June, the city dedicated a dog park also in honor of Officer Johnson.

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