Wisdom to Wealth: Tuesday, July 20

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 6:01 PM EDT
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John Halterman: Is the market on a sugar high? Because when we look on the news, all we see is the markets going up and up. And, you know, people keep asking me, ‘Is now the time to get in?’ Well, I gotta tell you, one of the big reasons why the markets have recovered is, number one, our economy has opened up and, number two, people are starting to go back to work. But the biggest reason simply boils down to the federal government’s stimulus package. Because they have flooded the markets with so much money and it’s allowed people to spend. And, you know, what I worry about is, inflation is now skyrocketing and what we could be going into is inflationary times. Which could, down the road, quickly lead to a recession. So, I believe it’s very important right now more than ever that you gotta manage risk. You can’t just jump in while the markets high and think no big deal, it’s going to last forever, because it won’t. For more answers, call or visit our website today.

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