Tasty Tuesday: The Great Harvest Bakery and Café

Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 10:22 AM EDT
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If it’s Tuesday, it’s got to be Tasty Tuesday and this week, we’re at The Great Harvest Bakery and Café in Elkins. We’re going to get a lesson on how all this amazing bread is made.

Every day they have different types of bread, and we’re going to go back and explain the process, because they start early in the morning, at 4 am to get the process going.

David: “First of all, you mill your own wheat berries. Our whole wheat flour is what we mill here. Great Harvest sources the wheat berries from Montana. They send it to us, then we mill that here. We do about 3 bags at 60 lbs. each, every other day.”

Tell me the difference in milling the flour here, what are the benefits.

David: “Just the healthy nutrition that you gain from the freshly milled flour that we incorporate in our bread and our goodies.”

Sydney: “And also in our bread, we don’t do any additive sugars. The only sugar in our bread is our honey which is a preservative. Here you know you’re only getting 5 simple ingredients.”

Explain the 5 ingredients in a basic loaf of bread.

Sydney: “You have your yeast, honey, water, flour, and salt.

My mother never used honey.

Sydney: “Yeah, it’s a really good preservative. Our loaves can stay fresh for about two weeks.”

For the community of Elkins and its surroundings, what do you think, is their favorite?

Sydney: “Popeye is a really popular one. It has got diced red peppers, spinach and parmesan cheese in it. It’s a great dinner bread. And the cinnamon chip is a super popular one. It’s a loaf of white bread with cinnamon chips in it. It’s really awesome for French toast or just with bread and butter.”

What will I be sampling today?

David: “Today’s lunch special is our jumbo pepperoni roll and mac and cheese. It’s our bigger version of a pepperoni roll with 20 slices of pepperoni and two slices of provolone cheese and a 12 oz. of mac and cheese. It sells out every day that we make it.”

Sydney and David presented me with my lunch. And I’m going to eat it with my lunch. And I’m going to eat it in the kitchen because the dining room is completely full. That’s how good it is here.

We are going to start with the pepperoni roll. This is not your average West Virginia pepperoni roll. Look how big this is.

MMMM, that’s good, really good. Light and fluffy.

We also have the mac and cheese which looks super creamy. Mmmm, that’s really nice.

And it’s not just bread that they make here. This is called the Savanah Bar, and it can change a little bit every day. But today’s bar is with peaches, blueberries, coconut and oatmeal. Mmm, you get the blueberries right at first and the nice thing is that it’s not too sweet.

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