Threatening message found in Morgantown High sparks protest

Published: Dec. 10, 2021 at 6:06 PM EST
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - About 10 parents and kids protested outside the Monongalia County outside of the board of education office Friday morning.

Parents are voicing their concerns after a threatening message was found in a Morgantown High School bathroom.

It comes after a copy-cat message related to the school shooting in Michigan was found at Morgantown High School.

Brandie Miles is a parent of a Morgantown High student.

“Kids cannot go to school in fear,” said Miles. “Our kids are really afraid to go to school, especially after the recent threats we received last week.”

The threat led to the school being placed in modified operations.. With restricted movement inside.

School officials say the person responsible has not been found.

Miles says she spoke with other parents who say their children don’t feel safe.

“Some kids have expressed that they are afraid when they are in certain classes because that hallway that class is located in you know if they leave ‘are we going to be quartered in the hallway,’” questioned Miles. “They can’t learn if they’re in fear.”

She says she’s expressed concerns to the board.

“They do not seem to have a plan any more than what they have in place which is a modified schedule which consists of less students in the hallway locking classrooms when kiddos are in the classroom,” said Miles.

She’s also made recommendations.

“We have one resource officer for 1,800 children so us parents are asking the board to please take the safety concerns seriously many many parents agree that we really should put metal detector,” said Miles.

Superintendent Eddie Campbell says any students found to be responsible for the messages will be disciplined to the fullest extent, and turned over to authorities for potential legal charges as well.

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