Sky is the limit for JT Daniels and Bryce Ford-Wheaton connection

Duo has combined for 249 yards and 4 TDs
Published: Sep. 12, 2022 at 3:09 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Despite a loss to Kansas, there are still some great takeaways for the offensive side of WVU football.

In the fourth quarter vs Kansas, JT Daniels and the WVU offense marched over 60 yards downfield on two consecutive scoring drives to tie the ballgame before heading into overtime. The drives were capped off with a two-point conversion pass to Bryce Ford-Wheaton to tie up the game with seconds to go.

For the two-point conversion, Daniels says that it’s thanks to the nuances that he has developed with Bryce Ford Wheaton that have allowed the team to thrive in critical situations.

“Bryce and I, I’ve talked about it before, the more that you play with guys the more nuance you develop,” said Daniels following the game. “I don’t think timing itself is very difficult to develop, but nuance is, it takes more time. We’ve done that exact play and done that exact adjustment before in a two-point play period.”

It’s been said all Fall, but JT Daniel’s ability to move past bad drives and focus on scoring during the next one has been a trait that the rest of the offense has rallied behind.

JT Daniels
JT Daniels(WDTV)

“You look at the quarterback, the quarterback is the leader of the team whether he wants to be or not,” said Ford-Wheaton following the game. “His body language, his demeanor, stuff like that. It’s contagious. If he isn’t really down, you know - We were down by 11 at one point. He was just like, ‘Let’s go score’. That’s contagious. Especially for me, it makes me feel like I know JT is going to do something to keep us in this game.”

Daniels finished the contest with 355 yards, 3 touchdowns and one interception that will be remembered only because it was the final play of the game in overtime. For Bryce Ford-Wheaton, he still thinks that the sky is the limit for the two of them. The pair have connected for 249 yards and 4 touchdowns on the year.

“I don’t really believe that there is a ceiling,” said Ford-Wheaton. “I think that our chemistry shows that week in and week out. I think it is going to keep on improving and we will keep on having good results.”