Big Daddy Guns is still coming to West Virginia

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Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 10:59 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - After months of controversy Big Daddy Guns would not be opening a location at The Deck in Morgantown. However, this won’t be the end of the company’s West Virginia journey.

Co-founder of Big Daddy, Sherrie McKnight and Public Relations Coordinator Nicholas Lahera flew up to West Virginia to talk with the community and the media about the future of Big Daddy in Morgantown.

This came after Hardy World LLC. released a statement saying they terminated their lease with Big Daddy.

“To be clear, we wanted to execute our end of the legal contract. When they decided not to give us the keys, we had no other option. Other than to terminate the lease. So, it was mutual in that regard,” Lahera explained.

However, McKnight said they would continue to fight for their cause which she said was bigger than a gun store and was more about the second amendment and freedom.

McKnight added that they came in person to talk to the community as they have built ties with several North Central West Virginia residents.

“We’re planning on planting a store here. We want to be known here. We want to make friends here. We have made a lot of great friends here. So, not coming here to address this issue feels like it would have been abandoning the whole mission,” she explained.

Mcknight and Lahera had already started looking at other potential locations to bring Big Daddy.

While the termination of the lease was a setback, McKnight said they would continue to share their mission in the community.