Lewis County First looks for help in maintaining Jane Lew Community Garden

Published: Sep. 18, 2022 at 2:25 PM EDT
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JANE LEW, W.Va (WDTV) - Lewis County First was looking for assistance from the community to help maintain the Jane Lew Community Garden.

The idea for this garden came from a meeting for Lewis County First, where the community was invited to share what they wanted to see come to the area, and someone brought up the possibility of a garden.

The group received donations from GoFundMe and a healthy living grant to bring this to life.

“The group Create Buckhannon had a community garden. They said they really liked it and thought that we should have one in our community. That is how it started. We had the idea from an individual, and the group chipped in and over the course of four years,” longtime member Lewis County First member Ray Smith explained.

The group had been having a difficult time keeping up with the garden this summer as they were working on several other projects.

“It is one thing that is falling behind this year. We see that we cannot keep it up and so what we are hoping for is to have another group step in. Look at it and take it over,” he said.

Smith added that the garden was important to several members of the community as there was opportunity for everyone to be involved in planting.

“We also have four handicap. So, they are raised bed gardens. So, they are up high enough to where people can actually get a wheelchair or if they can’t bend over. It is important for those people to be able to garden,” he said.

Anyone interested in maintaining the community garden could reach out to member of Lewis County First to get involved.