Barbour County commute lengthened due to road and bridge construction

Published: Oct. 12, 2022 at 9:18 PM EDT
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CARROLLTON, W.Va (WDTV) - The historic Carrollton Covered Bridge in Barbour County, had been under construction since July 2022.

A plan that was in the works since a fire caused damage in August of 2017.

In September, West Virginia DOH District 7 Bridge Engineer Chad Boram said,”We’re moving along pretty quick at this point, and they’re getting to see the fruits of their labor.”

However, some residents said they were unhappy with the current status of the bridge.

As they said allegedly, construction workers hadn’t worked on the bridge in weeks.

Josh Foltz was one of those residents who said this added an extra 11 miles to his commute.

He said on October 12, some Barbour County students had a difficult time getting to school. As in addition to the bridge closure. He said the detour route was also closed.

“Last night, we were informed by the Board of Education that the bus would not be able to pick up or bring our kids home. That the road would be closed on our detour route,” Foltz explained.

Pam Casto added she was asking for a temporary solution that would help get them to the final goal.

“Why we can’t get a temporary bridge set to give us some kind of relief? That’s all we are asking for is to get it finished, and you know, get it done. Let us travel across it,” she said.

Boram said they planned to reopen the bridge spring of 2023.