Lauren’s Wish to open doors for those battling substance abuse and addiction

Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 10:38 PM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Lauren Cole lost her battle with addiction in 2020 after she was unknowingly sold Fentanyl.

Even before Lauren’s passing, her father, Michael Cole, had made it his mission to carry out one of his daughter’s wishes that she shared three weeks before her passing.

“Dad, so many people are struggling with addiction or substance abuse disorder that want and need help. But they don’t have the family or resources to get it. Do you think one day, when you retire, we can do something about it? At that point, I told her I would,” Cole explained.

Lauren’s Wish Addiction Triage Center was housed in Hazel’s House of Hope in Morgantown.

It was a 28 bed facility for those battling addiction that are in between hospital care and long term treatment.

They had medical professionals on staff that were experienced in helping those battling addiction and substance use disorder.

Cole explained that he learned that Emergency Rooms were not always able to provide care for those in that in-between phase.

“They do the best that they can. They just simply aren’t equipped. What usually happens is once they’re deemed medically stable. They are released right back into the same environment that put them there to begin with, and that window of opportunity to get them the help is very small,” he said.

There was no cost for the assistance provided by Lauren’s Wish.

“We don’t care if you have insurance or not. The bottom line is if you’re willing to accept help and you’re willing to go to long term care. We will help you,” Cole added.

He said they were planning their soft opening for some time at the end of October.

They planned to open a few beds first to get the staff acclimated and build their way up to capacity for the grand opening in November.