Brexit vote delayed after strong opposition from both sides

Published: Dec. 10, 2018 at 5:52 PM EST
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On the eve of a crucial Brexit vote, British Prime Minister Theresa May pulled the plug.

May had been widely expected to lose Tuesday's vote, since there is strong opposition to deal she cut with the European Union last month. Pro-Brexit lawmakers say the plan keeps Britain bound too closely to the EU, while pro-EU politicians say it throws up barriers between the UK and its biggest trading partners.

"There will be no enduring and successful Brexit without some compromise on both sides of the debate," May said.

May is now under pressure try to re-negotiate the deal. If European Union leaders won't budge, Britain could face a disorderly Brexit with no plan at all.

"If she doesn't take on board the fundamental changes required, then she must make way for those who can," said Jeremy Corbyn with the Opposition Union Labor Party.

The European Union's top court has ruled Britain can change its mind over Brexit, boosting hopes of people who want to stay in the EU that the process can be reversed.