Stonewood shooting: Investigating their own issues?

Published: Dec. 22, 2016 at 6:33 PM EST
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Many of you have been asking, why is the Harrison County Sheriff’s department handling this Stonewood shooting investigation, when most of the time we see outside departments come in and investigate an incident where an officer may have shot someone?

Originally, we were told that there would only be an internal investigation by the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department, but we now know that there will only be an internal investigation, but after that it will be turned over to the prosecutor’s office for review.

And after talking with the Harrison County Sheriff and a professor from West Virginia University, who has years of law enforcement experience and specializing in “policing” – the protocol for investigations of an officer who might have shot someone can vary.

“It’s not uniform across the board. Some agencies are larger than others. Larger agencies tend to have their own internal investigation agencies that handle things like this,” said Sheriff Albert Marano of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. “Smaller agencies rely upon the larger agencies that have the current jurisdiction to come in and help out on those types of things.”

“There’s a lot of variability. It depends a lot of times on the size of the department and the resources they have,” said James Nolan, Ph. D, a Professor of Sociology at West Virginia University. “There’s nothing stopping like a state attorney general’s office conducting its own independent investigation. That’s generally how it’s done.”

But, what do some of you think? Do you believe an outside department should be brought in whenever an incident like this happens?

“I just feel like it would be a better investigation if an outside agency would do it,” said a woman who did not want to use her name.

“I do trust it can be handled internally,” said another woman who also wanted to remain nameless. “But, for the agencies protection and the protection of the story and what has happened and the officer involved, I think they should have another agency come in to handle that case.”