Tasty Tuesday: Mountain State Brewing Company

Published: May. 14, 2019 at 6:35 PM EDT
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You may have visited the Morgantown location of Mountain State Brewing Company, but their roots are in the heart of Thomas in Tucker County.

Owners continue to grow throughout the state and even beyond.

The Bridgeport location is tucked behind Jerry Dove Drive in Bridgeport off exit 124 on I-79.

"Wood fire. In West Virginia, everybody camps," said Cato Caton, the general manager. "Everybody goes out to campgrounds and you're cooking off wood."

They have two wood-fired ovens that can cook their delicious flatbreads in less than 10 minutes. They start stretching the dough and tossing it in the air. They use fresh ingredients and pop it in the oven. They use it for way more than just pizza.

"We cook all of our pork, all of our chicken," said Caton. "We do a corned beef brisket that we slow cook and obviously our flatbread pizzas are wood fired as well."

The original idea started with two friends, just having fun, when they decided to make their own beer.

"Turned out people actually liked their beer," Caton said.

That's when Mountain State Brewing was born in the mountains of Tucker County.

"Thomas is 3,000 feet as far as the elevation, so it runs downstream," Caton said. "So they actually use the waters from the mountains of West Virginia in every single one of our beers."

They've expanded to Morgantown, Deep Creek Lake, and Bridgeport.

"You have a local beer from our state, it's made with our own water, I think it resonates with a lot of people and they feel at home," Caton said.

Their goal is to make a customer enjoy an entire experience from the food to the atmosphere. Their patio has some refreshing views that are perfect to take in some of West Virginia's best features.

"You can enjoy the fresh air and the mountains, and you can watch the sunset right over the mountains," Caton said.

So while you're enjoying those views, you can enjoy their pizzas. Their margarita pizza has a balsamic drizzle that has a sweet tangy taste.

They're known for their pizzas, but they have two different types of hummus and they cook their meat in that wood-fired oven.

"We cook it every single night before we leave," said Caton. "We put it in the oven, shut it up, and in the morning when we get here it's just as juicy as could be."