Tasty Tuesday: Sargasso

Published: Apr. 24, 2018 at 5:42 PM EDT
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Sargasso, which first opened in Morgantown 10 years ago, is known for its incredible world cuisine that's made with fresh, local ingredients.

'We get fish flown in from Hawaii, mix that with local vegetables we get from local farms," said Kip Ambro, manager of Sargasso.

While the restaurant is known for more upscale dinners, they also serve a more casual lunch on weekdays, brunch on Sundays, and have a bistro menu on Saturdays. No matter what time of day you come in, you're guaranteed to be served a great meal.

"The owners give us a lot of freedom in terms of what we can put on the menu and things we can try out, so the sky's really the limit," said Chef Thomas Metzler, one of three chefs at Sargasso.

The restaurant has received many accolades, including a best of Morgantown award for their pork bao buns, a steamed bun stuffed with Chinese barbecue and pickled veggies.

While the restaurant focuses on creating amazing dishes, their main priority is their customers. The chefs prepare food in front of guests in order to provide an intimate and entertaining dining experience every time.

"The people who come here are smart, they're interesting, so it really makes for a fun and dynamic experience," said Ambro.