Tasty Tuesday: Thyme Bistro

Published: Feb. 13, 2018 at 5:29 PM EST
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Thyme Bistro on Main Avenue in Weston is considered, by locals, to be one of the "best-kept secrets" in town.

Geoff Kraus, a Weston Native, and Dwayne Mets opened the eclectic bistro in 2010.

"I do the back-of-the-house kitchen and cooking, and he runs the front of the house and does the baking, so it was just a great match," said Kraus.

On the menu is a variety of new-American food with Mediterranean flair. When available, Chef Kraus likes to use local ingredients.

"We're blessed in such a small town to have such a magnificent restaurant," said John Paletti, a regular customer.

Customer favorites include,

"Oh, the 'Spicy Pig'. It is a ham and bacon sandwich with jalapenos on it," said Mike Herron.

"You can come here 365 days a year and you probably won't eat the same thing twice," said Paletti.

Today, I got a cooking lesson from Chef Kraus and learned how to make delicious, stuffed crepes.

"We're gonna make a smoked ham and fontina cheese crepe with a whole-grain mustard cream," said Kraus.

The crepe batter has to be spread perfectly thin and has to be flipped carefully. Then, it gets filled with ham, Fontina cheese, and spinach, then topped with a mustard dressing and paired with a fresh salad.

To Kraus, the best thing about owning his own restaurant is,

"It's the satisfaction [you get] from people who eat your cooking and love it, and love your restaurant, give you compliments, and just show love."