Tasty Tuesday: Toni's Ice Cream

Published: Mar. 13, 2018 at 5:40 PM EDT
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It may be cold outside, but one place in Clarksburg that can always make it feel like summer is Toni's Ice Cream. The ice cream shop has been a Clarksburg classic since 1965 and is known for unique menu items like Italian hot dogs and black raspberry ice cream.

"I've been coming to Toni's for probably 50 years now," said loyal customer Mickey Knight.

"When customers come we do always hear stories of them being children and coming here with their great-grandparents and things like that. I do think Toni's has a lot of memories and they like coming here to reminisce," said employee Sophia Patsy, who has worked at Toni's for six years.

Toni's is open year round and serves frozen treats and classic snacks like cheeseburgers and fries.

"One of my favorite things is their sugar-free ice cream, especially in the summer. Another thing I love to get is the hot dog meals," said Knight.

One of the most famous menu items is the Italian hot dog, with homemade chili and hot pepper relish. However, it's their black raspberry ice cream that puts Toni's on the map.

"Our raspberry ice cream is the only black raspberry ice cream around Clarksburg," said Patsy.

Just don't ask how to make the raspberry ice cream because the ingredients are top secret.

"So it's made before we come in and only our owners know it," Patsy said, with a laugh.

Another trademark of Toni's is that the employees are always friendly and smiling.

"The customer service is fabulous. All of the girls are really nice and friendly," said Knight.

Even when it's cold outside, Toni's is always ready to provide the people of Clarksburg with sweet treats and even sweeter memories.

"I feel like Toni's is a family," said Patsy.

Lillian Gibbons, another employee, added, "I enjoy the people I work with and I enjoy making other people happy with ice cream."