UPDATE: Family says Stonewood shooting victim has died

Published: Dec. 22, 2016 at 6:33 PM EST
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As of Thursday evening, investigators still have not confirmed the death of Codey Hardman. But, one of his family members posted something on Facebook Thursday morning suggesting that he passed away.

Codey's mother called 5 News just before 6:00 Thursday evening and confirmed that he had passed away, at least technically.

When we say technically, we mean that he died the night of that shooting. But, Codey's mother claims he's been on a respirator since then so that his organs can be collected and donated.

Codey's father, Eddie Hardman, who is also the mayor of Anmoore, was one of the people who posted on Facebook suggesting that Codey had passed away.

He wrote, "I've been through a lot but this has to be one of the hardest. I haven't hurt so much in my whole life. I miss you so much Codey...until we meet again, I love you."

We do need to emphasize that neither the sheriff's department or Ruby Memorial hospital have confirmed any of this information.

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