Local lawns destroyed in 48 hours. How you can fight back.

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Over the past several weeks, homeowners in north central West Virginia have seen their lawns ravaged in short order by pests who do their damage in the dark.

Fall armyworms have descended on north central West Virginia in their largest infestation of the past 30 years and are wreaking havoc on even the healthiest of lawns.

According to Mike Spiroff, President of Tri State Exterminating in Morgantown, “Armyworm caterpillars are generally more of a problem in southern states. However, weather conditions this year have pushed armyworms north into West Virginia.”

The WVU Extension office notes that Fall armyworms feed on over 80 plants species, but prefers grasses, including rye and wheat. This insect also frequently damages field crops, including alfalfa, barley, Bermuda grass, buckwheat, clover, corn, oats, millet, sorghum, sugar beets, Sudan grass and soybeans. Occasionally, fall armyworm injures apple and peach trees, grapevines, and strawberry plants.

Within a 48 hour period, homeowners can see lush green grass turn brown in patches, then see the armyworms overtake the entire yard when they wake up the following morning.

But, Spiroff says, luckily the damage can be reversed. “At Tri State Exterminating, we have an insecticide that can kill the armyworms immediately. It enables the grass to start to come back to life very quickly. By next spring, the lawn should be back to green.”

Mike Spiroff and his team of trained professionals at Tri State Exterminating can help you detect if Fall armyworms might be ready to strike your lawn and act quickly to prevent it. They can also quickly and safely treat your lawn if you’ve already fallen victim to these predators.

For more information on Fall armyworms or to schedule a treatment for your lawn, Call Tri State Exterminating now at (304) 598-0BUG.